Under Damaris' Dress

Under Damaris' Dress


I wanted to walk you to school
But you said, suddenly, you felt ill.

I wanted to hold your hand
But you said you had a bum leg.

I wanted to kiss you
But you said that was unthinkable.

I wanted to comb your hair
But you said you hid the brush.

I wanted to paint your fingernails
But you said you’d bit them down to nothing.

I wanted to search for answers
But you said I hadn’t a clue.

I wanted to wash your feet
But you said I was unclean.

I wanted to make love to you last night
But you said you were a morning person.
I wanted to make love to you this morning
But you said it was too early in the day.

I wanted to take you away on a vacation
But you said you’d rather stay at home.

I wanted to set the record straight
But you said you liked it crooked.

I wanted to have a serious conversation
But you said I was being silly.

Then I asked you to marry me
And you said, yes, of course.